This page details the process of assembling your data logger. There really aren't a lot of steps to getting all the pieces talking to each other. I like to keep things neat and organized so I put my data logger in a case that I purchased from our local salvage company. You could really use just about any kind of container you want. My is an old modem case that I picked up for $5.00


If you are going to make your data logger portable (which I would think is kind of the idea) you are going to need to power the Arduino using an external power source. You have a lot of options as the Arduino is happy with anything between 6-20V DC input. View the Arduino Uno specifications I connected mine directly to the 12VDC power supply from the car.

Basic Outline

To get your data logger assembled and all the parts to "talk" to each other here is an outline of the steps. Just click on each step to see the details