Arduino GPS data logger


The hardware for the GPS data logger is all off-the-shelf hardware and was purchased from a variety of different sources. Where applicable I've included links for the source as well. Of course, with a little hunting around on the Internet you will be able to find all the hardware without too much trouble.

Please note that the GPS that you choose shouldn't be that important. I will eventually try to connect different GPS devices to the Arduino and will report on those later in the Addendum section. I also purchased the external GPS antenna and connector as I was developing the data logger inside away from any windows. These aren't strictly needed but it does make it a lot easier when working indoors. I will say that even in my office the device did work pretty well without the external antenna.

Hardware List

Adafruit GPS Arduino Uno Seeeduino SD Card Shield 4GB SD Card Male-Female Jumpers Misc. LEDs