Mega WiFi Communicator


The hardware for the Mega WiFi Communicator is all off-the-shelf hardware and was purchased from a variety of different sources. Where applicable I've included links for the source as well. Of course, with a little hunting around on the Internet you will be able to find all the hardware without too much trouble.

Please note that the software I used for this project may not work with other brands or manufacturers adaptations of hardware. In most cases you may be able to adapt the software that I created to work with your hardware but be aware that I will not be able to help troubleshoot your project if you use different hardware than what I have listed here.

Why the Mega?

Many of you may be wondering why I choose to use the Arduino Mega microcontroller for this project instead of the Uno. The reason is quite simple, memory. The Uno only has 32K of memory whereas the Mega has 256K. That is eight times more memory than the Uno. There are so many things that I'm trying to accomplish with this project that the Uno would simply run out of memory before I even got half way through.

Hardware List

Arduino Mega 2560 Adafruit WiFi Shield 8GB SD Card Male-Female Jumpers Misc. LEDs