Mega talks to WiFi Networks


Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller with WiFi Shield

This project describes how to get your Arduino Mega ADK to interface with a WiFi network and send useful data to a web server. The data can be anything. In this case we will be sending our GPS coordinates along with some other telemetry data.

The idea is simple. Connect an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller to a WiFi network and have it send information to a web server which will collect the data and make it available via a web page on the Internet. The project is divided into several steps to help you learn how to use the microcontroller, communicate over a WiFi network and interface it to a web server for data collection. There is also information on how to display the data on a web site.

  • Connect the Arduino Mega to a WiFi network
  • Read sensor data and log it to an SD card
  • Send sensor data from the Arduino Mega to the Internet
  • Displaying the information on a web page

Listed below is everything that you need to make your own Mega WiFi communicator.