1-930MHz 2W RF Broadband Power Amplifier Module For Radio Transmission FM HF VHF


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The broadband RF power amplifier small, suitable for all types of radio transmission, such as: FM shortwave radio remote control, FM FM radio transmitter, amateur radio 135-175MHz, 380-470MHz walkie-talkie transmitter to use.

The low-frequency input can 1mW maximum output power of 2.0W, 512MHz maximum possible output 1.6W, 930MHz maximum possible output 1.0W, 1000MHz maximum possible output 0.8W, the amplifier is equipped with fins, long-term stability.


Operating Frequency: 1–930MHz
Input power: 1mW (0dBm)
Maximum output: 2.0W (33dBm) low frequency (10 MHz)
1.6W (32dBm) IF end (512 MHz)
1.0W (30dBm) high end (930 MHz)
0.8W (29dBm) high end (1000MHz)
Operating voltage: 12V (DC)
Current job: 300–400mA (determined by the output power)
RF connector: SMA female standard
Size: 48x48x13mm


1. Never load or load impedance serious loss of time under the circumstances with the use of emission.
2. Do not increase the operating voltage to use, although you can bring the power boost, but the power consumption of the product increases, the
    reliability deteriorates.
3. Note the anti-static measures, between devices have a common ground, first connect the RF interface to use, plus electricity.

Package included:

1 x RF Broadband Power Amplifier Module