10-30V to 5V 8A DC-DC 6 USB Power Converter High Power Car Power Regulator Module


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Input: 10V-30V
Output: 5.3V 8A
Input port: 5.5*2.1 Female interface, Compatible with 5.5*2.5 (Line head direct access)
6 USB interface Output features:
Custom Ferro-silicon-aluminum Inductors, add input and output with TVS protection, support 12V car 24V truck use, synchronous rectification, large current output, low heat and high performance.
More than 5.6V start voltage protection, more secure to protect your phone or tablet PC/or other 5V charging products.
The red digital tube shows the USB output voltage, the blue digital tube shows the USB output current.
Use range:
Supports 12V car, 24V truck use, support identification IPAD 2.4A, recognize mobile phone, tablet charging, mobile power bank charging, can be changed to drive recorder power supply interface, car charger, desktop charger.
Current calibration:
Power on without load, press and hold the button 6S, the digital tubes flash, the upper digital tube displays 001, the lower digital tube displays 000, that is, the calibration is successful, press and hold the button 6S to exit.
Package includes:
1 x Car Power Regulator