10 PCS 5MM Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor GL5528 LDR


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10 PCS 5MM GL5528 Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor LDR


Photosensitive resistance is the resistance of a semiconductor material, the conductivity change with light intensity varies.
The use of this feature will work made ​​of different shapes and light-receiving area of the photosensitive resistance.
Photoresistor is widely used in toys, lamps, cameras and other industries.


Model: GL5528
Maximum voltage: 150V, DC
Maximum wattage: 100mW
Operating temperature:  -30°C ~ 70°C
Spectral peak: 540nm
Bright resistance (10Lux) (KΩ): 10 – 20
Dark resistance: 1 MΩ
100λ10: 0.6
Response time: 20ms (Rise), 30ms (Down)
Resistance illumination: 3

Package included:

10 x Photoresistor GL5528