10pcs 40x40mm Thermoelectric Power Generator Peltier Module TEG High Temperature 150 Degree


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Colding side posts with the words
Heating side is empty
Red wire to positive, black wire to the negative, it generate electricity when the temperature difference happened
Model: SP1848-27145 
Color : white
Lead Length: about 30CM
Size: 40MM x 40MM x 3.4MM
20 degree temperature difference: open-circuit voltage 0.97V, generated current: 225MA
40 degree temperature difference: open circuit voltage 1.8V, generated current: 368MA
60 degree temperature difference: open circuit voltage 2.4V, generated current: 469MA
80 degree temperature difference: the open circuit voltage 3.6V, generated current: 558MA
100 degree temperature difference: open circuit voltage 4.8V, generated current: 669MA
The above values are for reference only, the wiring in actual use, and the step-up board, there will be loss of current
Package included:
10 x 40x40mm thermoelectric power generator peltier module