10Pcs FM Transmitter Kit RF-02 Wireless Microphone Parts MP3 Repeater Micro Transmitter With Antenna


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Package name: FM Transmitter
Kit model: RF-02
Working voltage: DC3-6V
Working current: 5-15mA
Transmission frequency: 88-108MHz
Launch distance: 5-50 meters (Affected by the level of production and the use of the environment)
PCB size: 53 * 40mm
Antenna: 300mm soft antenna
Assembly instructions: electronic version (Click here to open)
Frequency stability: Better (relative to RF-01 model)
Sensitivity: Microphone 0.5 meters range of normal speech can be received
Sound quality: Better (relative to RF-01 model)
Package weight: 15g

MIC and audio input conversion:

Audio priority, pull out the audio line MIC work, insert the audio line MIC off, the audio input maximum -15dB.

Package includes:

10 x RF-02 Wireless Microphone Parts

Soldered PCB, for reference only!