10W Watt 12V PolyCrystalline Poly Solar Panel Module Battery Charger


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10W Watt 12V PolyCrystalline Poly Solar Panel Module Battery Charger


Maximum output power: 10 Watts
Operating voltage: 17 V
Current: 0.59 A
Short circuit current: 0.65 A
Open circuit voltage: 21.5 V
Size: 346mm * 230 * 17mm
Crystal silicon type: polycrystalline silicon
Solar cells Number: 36 pcs
Front cover glass: Tempered glass
Border: stainless steel aluminum
Test conditions (AM1.5,1000W / m2,25 ℃):
a. single block solar panels was for 12v battery charging.
b. 24v battery charging, two solar panels can be connected in series.
c. charging the phone, in the middle need to add step-down module.
Junction Box:
Electric panel produce current was direct current, the back of electric panel have a black junction boxes, "positive and negative" pole binding posts. Binding posts with fastening screw for securing the output wires.
1) solar garden lighting
2) Small home lighting system
3) solar street lighting
4) Solar Outdoor Advertising
5) for a variety of low-power appliances, emergency lights, advertising lights, traffic lights, household lights, fans, such as solar water pumps, solar lights, small solar systems

Package included:
1 x PolyCrystalline Cells Solar Panel