12V Charging UPS Uninterrupted Protection Integrated Board 18650 Lithium Battery Boost Module


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1. Boost + charge control + Lithium battery protection + UPS uninterrupted power supply, multi-function integration, easy to use, no longer trouble the intricate flying lines between the various function boards.
2. The switch can be used as a low power DC mobile power supply. It can be used as a UPS power supply and can be used as a lithium battery charger.
3. Battery box design, easy to remove and replace the battery.
4. Separate charge port, wiring can be placed in any position.
The power supply charges the battery one way while the other way turns on the boost output.
When the power supply is turned on, the battery can be removed at will.
When the battery is powered, the power supply can also be disconnected at any time.
If the power supply or the battery is powered at any way, it can be keep the load continuously and continuously work (UPS function).
When the UPS function is not used, charging the battery can also be used as an ordinary portable power source.
The charging power supply is connected so that the load operation does not occupy the charging current of the battery. The power supply can rapidly charge the battery while being loaded.
Charging 3/4 pin should be connected to DC12V charging, charging current 500mA max, requires that the maximum power of the charging power supply used is at least 3W higher than the load power consumption, that is, the power supply can also have enough current to the battery while carrying charging.
For example: If the load is ≤ 2W, 5V1A charging power supply can be used.
The SW switch pin can be connected in series to control the boost output circuit to turn on and off. If the switch function is not required, please short connect the SW pin to make the boost path normally open.
Output positive and negative poles 5/6 pin to connect the load, the load normal state recommends ≤ 5W, transient ≤ 8W.
12V output, normal load current recommend ≤ 1A, when output 6V ≤800mA, output 9V ≤500mA, output 12V ≤400mA
Lithium battery overcharge protection, over discharge protection, current limiting protection, over temperature protection, output short circuit protection. (If short-circuited due to the fault operation, enter the protection state will not be output, and the connection with 12V charging will automatically activate the reoutput.
There are mos and other components on the board, which can be easily damaged by the soldering iron or by static electricity. Make sure that the soldering iron used is grounded (and the grounding wire is conductive). It is best to wear anti-static gloves.
Package includes:
1 x 18650 Lithium Battery Boost Module (the battery does not includes)