12V Stainless Steel Illuminated Latching 16mm Power Push Button ON/OFF Switch



High-grade appearance and nice touch feeling.
Easy to install, Screw clamp type terminals to make fitting very easy.
LED built on it's own circuit , lighted when on. or could be wired to make it lighted alternate.
Be widely used in various types of car/motor starting, power starting device, and can also be a access control button.


Latching type: push it—on; push it again—off
Light Color: Random Color (Blue,Orange,Green)
Switch Rating:3A/250VAC
LED voltage: 12V
Contact Configuration: 1NO1NC
Flat Head BUTTON
Button Diameter : 10mm
Head Diameter : 18mm
Hole size required : 16mm
Length: 36mm

Package included:

1 X LED Power Push Button