13 Segments Audio Light Column SCM Light Cube Set Remote Control DIY Electronic Music Spectrum Kit


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1. 13 segments audio column design, accurate spectrum
2. Infrared remote control switch mode, a variety of modes can be freely converted
3. Crystal edge with curved corners, full of sexy
4. Circuit board with classic black paint, add a mysterious
5. Easy installation, each section of audio column is fixed by two screws
6. 9 offline animations
7. 3 music spectrum animations
8. Nightlight mode


Operating voltage: 5V (USB power supply)
Power supply: mobile phone charger, computer, power bank
PCB board Material: double-sided 1.6mm, RF-4 board material
Shell material: 4.8mm imported transparent material acrylic
Fixed mode: screw fixed
The quantity of LED: 13
Installation: DIY welding assembly
Control mode: infrared remote control
Dimension: 43mm x 50mm x 180mm
Note: dimensions are measured manually, if there is 1mm-2mm error is normal.

Package included:

1 x 13 segments audio light column set
1 x Remote control