150W Constant Current Electronic Load 60V 10A Battery Discharge Capacity Tester 1602 LCD Display


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This is a very cost-effective electronic load, the use of 2 completely independent 18 bit ADC chip, 15ppm voltage benchmark, which allows a very high accuracy. With 1602 LCD display, display information conveniently and clearly.


150W 60V 10A constant current electronic load.
1602 LCD display: clear and convenient for readings.
With temperature display and supports the discharge and voltage setting.
High quality large radiator: stable performance of heat dissipation.
9 x 9 cm large cooling fan: the fan begins to work when the radiator temperature reaches 45°C.
DC 12V for power supply: easy to use with 4 operating buttons.
Good choice for testing all kinds of power load or burn-in, can also test capacity of battery discharge.


Display: 1602 LCD
Power Supply Voltage: DC 12V ±5%
Load Mode: Constant Current Load
Load Voltage: 0.5-60V
Load Current: 0-10A
Maximum Power: 150W
Voltage Reading Precision: ±(0.1%+0.05%FS)
Current Reading Precision: ±(0.2%+0.1%FS)
Constant Current Precision: Current Reading Precision +1d
Noise Index: 25dD(A)
Fan Size: 9 x 9 cm / 3.54 x 3.54 inch
Overall Size: 14 x 10 x 7cm / 5.5 x 3.94 x 2.75 inch

1. Power adapter: DC 12V, with particular attention to the load and power supply must be two independent power supplys.
2. That the screen displays Welcome when started means that the device is good.
3. According to the "set" key to move the cursor, and the cursor position for addition and subtraction operation. When the position of the cursor is in the "I" or "V" according to the 'addition and subtraction of voltage switching and current settings.
4. To test the power of the connection, pay attention to the positive and negative, try to avoid the reverse gear.
5. The "start" button is to start / stop electronic load, meanwhile the screen display "ON" or "DI".
6. Often push on the "start" button for 1 second or longer to eliminate the value of AH and time as well as to stop the electronic load (if it is open).
7. On default state, the information displayed on the left bottom are power and temperature and the automatic switching time, two seconds a switch, press and hold the & ldquo; set-up & rdquo; key and press the & ldquo; & Rdquo; you can manually switch the display, each from a & ldquo; & Rdquo; spend (always keep & ldquo; create & rdquo; key) switch, fixed switch the display of information, no longer automatically change and the need to open again automatically switch press and hold the & ldquo; Creation & rdquo; key and press the & ldquo; reduction & rdquo; right corner of the screen display & ldquo; has automatic open switch said
8. All of the above settings will automatically be saved after power off, power parameters are again on the power down before the parameters, but the electronic load, no matter whether the power is off, is needed to manually open.
9. After a continuous operation load of the maximum power, the ambient temperature will be high and users should reduce the operating power. If the temperature of the heat sink has reached 87℃, the load is automatically reduces the power; if the temperature continues to rise, it will continue to reduce the power, when the internal temperature reaches 91℃, it will stop. It needs to open manually , after cooling.
10. The load current will be in accordance with the input voltage automatically make adjustments, such as the set 10a, if the input voltage is 20 V, will be the actual current is changed to 150 W / 20 V = 7.5A (display sets the still sets the current is up to 10th)
11. In need of statistical AH and time before, remember to clear the machine is the default setting has been accumulated, it will not be automatically deleted, it can only be removed manually.

Package included:

1 x 150W electronic load