15pcs DD0503MA DC 3.3-6V To 3.3V Step Down Converter Buck Module For 18650 ESP8266 CC1101 SI4432


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Input voltage: DC 3.3-6V
Output voltage: DC 3.3V ± 4%
Operating temperature:-40~85℃
Dissipation power: ≤2.3W
Frequency: 1.2Mhz
Long time maximum output current: 500mA
Short time maximum output current: 700mA
Conversion efficiency: 81-93%
The maximum input voltage can not exceed 6.5V
INPUT 3.7V / 600MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 540MA
INPUT 4V / 600MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 610MA
INPUT 4.2V / 580MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 600MA
INPUT 4.5V / 550MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 610MA
INPUT 5V / 470MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 590MA
INPUT 6V / 370MA; OUTPUT 3.3V / 550MA
2.54mm pin pitch, Arduiuo UNO DUE Breadboard FPGA/CPLD  Development Board friendly.
Size: 10.8 x 7.7 x 5.6mm(Excluding Pin)
Wifi module: ESP8266
Bluetooth module: HC-05 HC-06
Wireless UART module : HC-11 HC-12
wireless module: CC2500 SI4432 SI4463 CC1101 CC2500 Nrf24l01+
3-3.5V led lights
3.3V development board: ARM STM32 FPGA/CPLD MSP430

This is a DC-DC voltage converter module,must be noted when using:
1. Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range.
2. Output power can not be greater than the maximum load for a long time.
3. Input power must be greater than the output power, because the power consumption of the module itself.

Package included:

15 x Buck module