1600W Power Supply For 6GPU Eth Rig Ethereum Coin Mining Miner Dedicated 90 Gold


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Power supply standard: ATX 12V 2.3
Rated power: 500W or more (W)
Product weight: 2.5 (KG)
For: Desktop
Whether to support modularity: not supported
Whether to support multiple: 12V support
Graphics 12V interface number: 8PIN + 2x6PIN
D-type interface number: 6
CPU power supply interface: 8PIN
Number of SATA ports: 7
1/2 x 24PIN
1/2 x 8PIN
6/12 + 2PIN x 6/12 x 6/12 expansion
7/14 x SATA
2/4 x IDE


1600W ultra-high power, conversion efficiency of 90 +.
Excellent stability.
The power is 1600w conversion efficiency of 90 +, is 12V multi-channel. 12V rated power 1500W, 1600w conversion efficiency after the formation of 1500w, the machine is 1600w rated program full.
Can bring 6 graphics card actual graphics interface is 12.
Compatible with 370/470/380/480/580/1060/1070.

Package included:

1 x Power Supply