1602 RGB LCD Display With USB Port For Raspberry Pi 3B 2B B+ Windows Linux


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1602 RGB LCD Display With USB Port For Raspberry Pi 3B 2B B+ Windows Linux


– This USB LCD does not occupy any Raspberry Pi GPIO, and it doesn't affect you to use various expansion board. Users can upgrade it according to your demand.
– It can be used to display various information of Raspberry Pi or PC, such as IP address, CPU usage, memory usage, disk space, etc. Under the XBMC system it can
   also display the file name being played.


– Suitable for Raspberry Pi 3B / 2B / B+ and Windows / Linux
– The standard size of 1602 LCD screen with white words on blue background, can stand on the table, convinient to DIY to different cases.
– The USB interface can help you avoid various wiring.
No need for driving or programming on the Raspberry Pi, has fabulous function and support the XBMC system as well.
– Support various size of LCD, so far we have tested it on LCD1602,LCD1604,HD44780,LCD2004 etc.
Compatible with PC, can display operational information via software configuration.
– With two buttons to swtich display contents, can also be used for other function via programming.
– Support programming control under the condition of Python.
– Easy to use, good choice for beginners.


The Raspberry Pi main board and USB cable is not included.

Know more about this product, please click: https://www.raspberrypiwiki.com/index.php/USB_16x2_RGB_LCD

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