18*41mm 2.7V 40F Cylindrical Super Farad High Power Supercap Ultra Capacitor


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-High cost performance
-Low temperature and low internal resistance and low leakage current
-The volume is small, but the capacity is big.
-With super long life which is up to more than 100 thousand times, and is more than 10-100 times the battery.
-Less pollution.
-Super Farad Capacitor can stabilize voltage.
-Speedy charging
-Application for : Automotive energy regeneration system, DVD, Digital photo frame, fiscal cash register


Color : Blue
Weight : 19g
Shape : Cylindrical
Capacitance: 40 Farad
Rated voltage: 2.7V
Diameter: 18mm
Length: 41mm
Allowable deviation : ±20%
Dielectric material: Super farad
Application scope: Low voltage
Lead wire type : Same direction

Package Included:

1X Super Farad Capacitor