18DoF Control Board For ViVi Plen2 Humanoid Open-Source DIY Robot Kit


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Here is the ViVi Plen2 Humanoid Robot for your reference.


– ViVi Humanoid Robot Control Panel ESP-F WiFi Module R & D leads the serial TTL pin to set the EN, STATE button.
– The product can complete the device TTL port to WiFi/cloud data real-time transparent transmission, with low power control, power status indication and other functions.
– The module can directly replace the original wired serial port, to achieve embedded data transmission and control equipment.
-It's Based on ESP-F high-performance WiFi module


1. Compatible with the original wifi transparent transmission module electrical interface and physical interface
2. Robot firmware is reliable and stable, support WEB interface configuration download, graphics action download programming
3. Support serial AT command
4. Support reprogrammable, OTA firmware upgrade
5. Serial and WiFi data in real time seamless transmission
6. Built-in HTTP Web Server, support web configuration parameters
7. Serial port support set baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bit, Subcontract time
8. Supports reconnection in WiFi STA mode, reconnection in TCP client mode
9. WiFi support AP, STA, AP + STA three modes

The overall size 24*16*3mm
Supply Voltage 4.5V ~ 6.4V, TTL Voltage: 3.3V
Leadout 3.3V,TXD,RXD,GND
Average Current 80mA, WiFi data transmission maximum operating current 3000mA
Support Baud Rate(bps)  300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/74800
Working Temperature -40℃-125℃

Package included:

1 x Controler Board