2.1 TPA3116D2 50W*2 Digital Amplifier Board 12V-25V For 12V 24V Cars


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Model: TPA3116D2
Board size(L*W*H):125 x 75 x 25 mm
Power output: 100W subwoofer left and right channel 50Wx2
Operating voltage: 12V-25V ( recommended to use high-quality switching power supply)
Note: If woofer 4 ohm or less than 4 ohms please use more than 24V8A power supply


1. Circuit board is simple and reliable operation.
2. Heavy bass cutoff frequency independent regulation 80 hz – 500 hz is adjustable.
3. Subwoofer channel in the condition of rated voltage 24 v can drive 2-16Ω the subwoofer speakers, unique.
4. Around a track all frequency output, in the condition of rated voltage 24 v 3-16 can drive the speakers, range is very wide.
5. Can use the laptop switch power supply, is also very suitable for battery power supply equipment, such as motorcycle, automobile, electric cars and so on.
6. Heavy bass gain independent adjustment, all frequency volume tuning, with mute control ports, and other former level matching can be used, boot soft start, shock proof.
7. This amplifier plate with two pieces of TPA3116D2 digital power amplifier chip as the core, a about doing channel power amplifier, a bridge to drive the subwoofer, has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, high power.

Package includes:

1 x Digital Amplifier Board