2.7V 10F Cylindrical Ultra Super Farad Capacitor High Power Capacitance Supercap 10 x 26mm


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Color: Black
Weight: 3g
Shape: Cylindrical
Capacitance: 10 Farad
Max Voltage: 2.7V
ESR: 60mΩ
permissible voltage : 2.5V
Lead wire type: Same direction
Diameter: 10mm
Length: 26mm
Allowable deviation: -20~40(%)
Dielectric material: Super farad
Frequency: Low frequency
Application scope: Low voltage


– Good quality
– High cost performance
– Low temperature and low internal resistance and low leakage current
– The volume is small, but the capacity is big. The capacity is bigger than the same volume electrolytic capacity about 30~40 times.
– The power density of the capacitor is 10~100 times of the battery. It can even reach about 10kw/kg.
– Charging speed is quick.
– With super long life which is up to more than 100 thousand times, and is more than 10-100 times the battery.
– Less pollution.

Application for:

– CPU intelligent home appliance, meter, tax control machine, controller, air conditioning, recorder, MP3, car audio, telephone, solar lights, real-time clock etc.
– Power supply of small power devices, such as: intelligent water meter, gas meter, disinfection cabinet, electronic door locks, solar equipment, digital set-top boxes, toys, etc.;
– Electric starting system, with the battery used in various internal combustion engines such as cars, tanks, diesel locomotives, can effectively protect the battery and prolong its service life, reduce the power loss with capacity, especially in low temperature and battery case, ensure reliable start

Package included:

1 x Super farad capacitor