20A ZVS Induction Heating Board Flyback Driver Heater With Ignition Coil


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If you need power supply, please buy it separately: Product ID: 1196806


Working voltage: DC 24-36V
Working current: more than 15A, less than 30A
Power tube: Original IRFP260N (50A 200V)
Size: 100 x 100 x 85mm
Spiral copper pipe size: Inside diameter 40 mm, high 45mm
Found with a 36V power supply completely into the new 30 * 30 graphite crucible input current of 25A
Found molten aluminum power requirements: 24V 350W – 500W power supply (15A to 20A) melting point: 660 ℃
Found melting copper, gold, silver, power requirements: 36V 700W – 900W power supply (20A to 25A), respectively melting point: 1083 ℃, 1065 ℃, 962 ℃


DIY small parts made of steel hardening, annealing below the melting point of 1100 ℃ metal smelting, DIY small cooker and so on.
Notice: Only direct heating a steel material ( the magnet can be adsorbed material) Gold, silver, copper, aluminum can not be directly heated, need to match the graphite crucible melting, whirlpool brass heating will need to use a lot of water circulation cooling, without water circulating cooling is possible, but will burn into a black vortex brass, it will not be much affected.

Package includes:

1 x Induction Heating Board with Fan
1 x Spiral copper pipe
1 x 2m Water pipe