20KV ZVS Tesla Coil Booster High Voltage Generator Plasma Music Arc DIY Speaker Kit


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High quality PCB board, high reliability.
Include driver board DIY kit, ignition coil and spray point.
Good tone quality, suitability to any kind of music and convenient usage.
You need to do it by yourself, enjoy the DIY fun at the same time.


PCB board size: 37 x 77 mm / 1.3 x 3.03in
Package weight: 329g / 11.6oz
Power input voltage: DC 12V, current: 5A , more than 60W power supply, below 12V 5A power supply cannot work normally, higher than 14V is easy to damage
Output: 20KV DC pulse arc music, high arc temperature.

Package includes:

1 x Driver board (Not assembled) (Not supply manual)
1 x Ignition coil
1 x Spray point