24V 150W PTC Heater Cars Fan Air Heater Constant Temperature


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Name: PTC Heater
Working voltage: 24V
Power: 150W
Environment Temperature Range: -5~65℃
Dimensions: 90x60x42mm (including the total size of mounting holes)
Installation pitch: 86mm (mounting hole diameter 4mm)
-For 0.5 cubic meters within a small space heating, dehumidification, warmth.
-PTC products with a constant temperature fever, no open flame, high heat transfer rate, minimal impact on the power supply voltage and other traditional heating element incomparable advantages in the application of electric appliances more and more R & D engineers of all ages.
-PTC products are automatically energy-saving features, when the heater to enhance the ambient temperature, its power will gradually reduce, only rated power of 90%, 80%, or less.
-PTC products are not damaged during normal use due to their own reasons, and even tens of thousands of repeated switching has no effect on its performance, the standard measure of its life is the degree of aging. The general standard is less than 10% power loss after 2000 working hours.
Package included:
1 x PTC Heater