28 Kinds UNO R3 Basics Breadboard Buzzer Sensor LED Element Kit For Arduino


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This sensor module kit allow user to test their thought quickly, easy wiring when they have new idea. 
Fully compatible with Arduino.
Beginners can learn the basics of Arduino programming as well as the expert in programming from this kit. You will get what Arduino is all about and how it is used. 

Package Included:

1 x Mainboard
1 x Header(40pin)
1 x Breadboard(large)
1 x 4-Digit Segment Display
2 x 1-Digit Segment Display
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Passive Buzzer
4 x Button(small)
4 x Button(large)
1 x Battery holder
1 x Potentiometer(10K)
1 x RGB module
35 x Jumper Wire
3 x Photocell
1 x IR Receiver
1 x USB Cable
1 x Remote Controller
1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
10 x Red LED
10 x  Green LED
10 x Blue LED
1 x Components Box
1 x 8*8 Dot-matrix display 
1 x 74HC595 Chip
10 x Resistor(330Ω)
10 x Resistor(1kΩ)
10 x Resistor(10kΩ)
1 x 9V Battery Connector
1 x Packing Box