2A DC-DC SX1308 High Current Adjustable Boost Module Short Circuit Protection Overheating Protection



SX1308 booster module carrying SX1308 chip, its packagnig is small, and high efficiency. The output power can be adjust, maximum can arrive 28V and its interior integrate the lowest RDS internal resistance 100mΩ metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (mosfet), which can realize large current output of up to 2A. 
1. Oscillation frequency 1.2MHz
2. Efficiency is as high as 95%
3. Circuit has short circuit protection, overheating protection function
4. 10k to adjust potentiometer, adjust the output voltage
5. Used in 3G network products, digital products, mobile power supply,battery power supply, equipment, etc.
Technical parameters:
1. Maximum input voltage: DC 2-24V
2. Maximum output voltage: DC 2-28V
3. Switching frequency: 1.2MHz
4. Maximum current output: 2A  
Package included:
1 x SX1308 Booster Module