2Pcs VU Meter Warm Backlight Recording + Audio Level Amp With Driver Board


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2Pcs VU Meter Warm Back Light Recording + Audio Level Amp With Driver Board


Material: Plastic + metal
Size: Driver board: 6.8cm*5.5cm
          VU meter: 3.4cm*3.4cm
Driver board:
1. The design of bridge pile rectifier filter circuit, can be a transformer or DC power supply, power supply voltage 12-15V / 300mA
2. The level swings adjustable, can be compatible with all the different types of table header
3. The drive signal source can be connected to the amplifier input or audio amplifier output, without changing original circuitry
4. Support two level meter backlight power supply, change the current limiting resistor can be connected to different backlight
5. The driver board supports two output connection terminals
VU meter:
1. Voltage 500MV, Weight: 21 grams, excellent quality, cute appearance, stable and reliable performance.
2. Header DC resistance: 652 ohms (Fluke 15B Multimeter Test)
3. The backlight of incandescent bulbs. Operating voltage: 6 ~ 12V AC or DC.
4. In the backlight brightness to meet the requirements under the conditions, lower operating voltage, can significantly prolong life. 
    Need to use current limiting resistor in series 100 ohms to 200 ohms, reduce the impact on the filament boot.
Packing Include:
2 x 500μA VU Meter
1 x AC12V driver