30s Button Recordable Voice Module Music Box Sound Record For Plush Doll Toy Gift


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Power supply: 3pcs AG13 button batteries (do not included in the package)
Recording and Playback Time: 30s
Record Key: Press the button to start record the voice.
Play Key: Press the button to start playing recorded voice.
Size: 47 x 40 x 20mm
Cable length: 120mm

Recording box, can be placed inside plush dolls or other toys, there are two control buttons, one for recording, the other for play.
The sound clear and loudly, can help you express feelings, or message tips, greatly increasing the fun and practical of the toys.


1. How to record?
A: Press and hold the recording key, when "Di" sound to start recording, when listen "Di Di" sound to stop recording.

2. If we recorded wrong sound, can we re-record it?
A: Yes, you can press the record button to re-record.

3. How to remove the recording?
A: Press and hold the record button, do not record, when listen "Di" sound, release your hand will ok.
then press the recording button again to re-record.

Package included:

1 x Recording box (batteries are not included)