32-way Steel Ring Gear Robot Motherboard Controller With Bluetooth MP3 Expansion Function For Arduino


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1. Support the remote control of action group handle and real-time remote control
2. Support Bluetooth WIFI communication expansion, MP3 music expansion, wireless module synchronization expansion
3. Support external secondary development of the microcontroller, reserved serial communication interface
Support detection alarm, action group download storage, graphical debugging interface
5. Multi-regulator protection circuit, anti-overcurrent and anti-surge design, signal isolation protection


Weight 26g
Outer size 52mm x 61.5mm
Install hole size 44.5mm x 53.5mm
Communication Interface Mini USB
Control channel 32 way
Remote control handle Support
Bluetooth module Support
MP3 module Support
WIFI module Support
WIFI module Support
Power switch External connect
Voltage alarm Support
Secondary development Support
Serial communication Support
Local storage Support

For more info. You can download for yourself:

1.  Controller USB driver (← click here)
2.  Adjust Client Sofeware(← click here)
3.  Simple Instructions(← click here)
4.  Chinese Manual(←click here) Sorry we don't have English version.
5.  Secondary development of serial communication protocol(←click here)
6.  Action group program download demo video
(←click here)

Package Inlcuded:

1 x Controller
1 x USB Cable