35M-4.4GHz PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer ADF4351 Development Board


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Requency range: ADF4351: 35M-4.4G,
Power supply: DC002 Interface DC4-9V typical 5V
Output signal: 2.2-4.4G fundamental wave (sine wave)
Output signal interface: SMA female
Default + -50ppm 25M import active crystal
Control: three-wire SPI control pins and lead locking pin allows all state functions, including point frequency sweep and frequency hopping, stepping to be 1K, low frequency step can be to 0.1K, the crystal. to decide.
Size(Length x Width): 48.48*36.5mm
Connector Dia.: 6.5mm
Infos link: Click Here!

Package Included:

1 x ADF4351 Development Board