3A DC-DC Adjustable Boost Power Supply Module With Dual LCD Display Voltage Ammeter No Housing


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Product highlights:

Display using high-definition LCD screen, which can display voltage and current.
Press the key to adjust the voltage, the left to reduce the voltage, the right to add voltage, single press fine-tuning 0.05V voltage, long press and hold 1 second can quickly adjust the voltage, can withstand 100,000 times the press; compared to the same potentiometer voltage regulator is more convenient.

Product parameters:

Input voltage: 6-30V
Output voltage: 7V-32V continuously adjustable, only boost, can not buck, automatically save the last set voltage (The input voltage must be more than 1V lower than the output voltage).
Output current: Maximum 3A, it is recommended to use in 2A. When the heat is high, please add your own heatsink.
Output power: Maximum 65W, please keep the margin.
Input anti-reversed: Yes
Short circuit protection: Yes (please do not use for a long time, may be damaged)
Accuracy: 1%, three digits, the current unit is A.
Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (efficiency is related with input, output voltage, current and pressure).
Size: 70mm * 50mm * 25mm
Weight: 50g

Calibration method:

In the case of no-load power, press and hold the left button to connect to the power supply, the display starts to flash, release the left button, use the multimeter to measure the output voltage, press the left and right keys to switch to the same output value, such as: when the module shows 18V, the output can be adjusted to 18V. Adjust the power supply, and then access the power supply, the output voltage will show the default 24V or so. The error can be calibrated within 0.05V, if the error is greater, you can try to re-adjust once.

Package includes:

1 x 3A DC-DC Adjustable Boost Power Supply Module