3Pcs 2.5A Dual Motor Drive Module Positive And Reverse PWM Speed Control


1. Use of professional motor driver chip, built-in low conduction internal resistance MOS switch tube, extremely small heat, no heat sink, small size, power saving, is your battery power ideal choice.
2. Double Road 2.5A*2, is 1.5A motor driven version of the enhancement, built-in overheating protection circuit, do not fear the motor plug burned, the temperature drop automatically restored. (current smart cars on the market, voltage and current are within this range)
3. small size, light weight, 0 standby current
INx MCU, IO or other signal source, MOTOR-A and MOTOR-B terminals connected to the motor.
DC motor drive logic truth table:

1. double H bridge motor drive, can drive two DC motor or 1 4 wire two phase stepper motor;
2. module supply voltage 2V-10V;
3. signal terminal input voltage 1.8-7V;
4. single line operating current 2.5A, low standby current (less than 0.1uA);
5. built-in anti common conduction circuit, when the input is suspended, the motor will not malfunction;
6. built in overheating protection circuit with hysteresis effect (TSD), no need to worry about motor blocking;
7. product size: 31*32*5mm (length, width, height), ultra small volume, suitable for assembly and vehicle;
8. mounting hole diameter: 2 mm.
1. the power supply positive and negative connection will certainly cause damage to the circuit.
2. output on the short circuit or output short-circuit, and motor stall conditions, the chip will heat protection, but in the near or above the 10V voltage and peak current greatly exceed the 2.5A case will cause chip burn.

Package included:

3 x 2.5A Dual Motor Drive Module