3pcs 20KV 2A PRHVP2A-20 High Voltage Rectifier Diode


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Name: high-voltage diodes, rectifier silicon reactor
Model: PRHVP2A-20 (HVP20 HVP2A-20) 2A 20KV
Size: 18 X 19 X 75mm (Height * Width * Length )
Operating Temperature:  -40 ° C –  + 175 ° C
Color: Black
Quantity: 3
1. Using the latest technology level of production of the die structure.
2. Low leakage current, low power, high reliability.
3. Excellent anti-transient high current impact Performance.
4. In the circuit play  a high-voltage rectifier circuit, isolation and protection role.
Packge included:
3 x PRHVP2A-20 high voltage rectifier diode