3Pcs DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Constant Voltage Current Power Supply Module


Module parameters:

Scope: High-power LED constant current driver, rechargeable lithium batteries (including ferroelectric), 4V, 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charging, nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hydride batteries (battery) charging, solar panels, wind generators
Input voltage: 7-40V
Output voltage: continuously adjustable (1.25-35V) (applied to the input voltage is higher than the output voltage applications can boost)
Output Current: 8A, 10A maximum time within the (power tube temperature exceeds 65 degrees, please add cooling fan, 24V 12V 5A turn within generally be used at room temperature without a fan)
Constant Range: 0.3-10A (adjustable) module over 65 degrees, please add fan.
Turn lights Current: current value * (0.1), turn the lamp current and constant value linkage, such as constant value of 3A, turn the lamp current is set to a constant current of 0.1 times (0.1 x 3A = 0.3A), when the constant 2A, when adjusted to the current value, then turn the lamp current constant current of 0.1 times (0.1 x 2A = 0.2A).
This version is a fixed 0.1 times (actually turn the lamp current value is probably not very accurate) is full of instructions for charging.
Minimum pressure: 1V
Conversion efficiency: up to about 95% (output voltage, the higher the efficiency)
Operating frequency: 300KHZ
Output Ripple: about the ripple 50mV (without noise) 20M bandwidth (for reference) Input 24V Output 12V 5A measured
Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ℃ to + 85 ℃) (please note the actual use of the power tube temperature, the temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
No-load current: Typical 20mA (24V switch 12V)
Load regulation: ± 1% (constant)
Voltage Regulation: ± 1%
Constant accuracy and temperature: the actual test, the module temperature changes from 25 degrees to 60 degrees, the change is less than 5% of the current value (current value 5A)
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
Potentiometer adjustment direction: clockwise (increase), counterclockwise (decrease)
Indicator: color indicator, charging indicator light red, fully charged light green (no load is green)
Output short circuit protection: Yes, constant current (constant current setting values)
Input reverse polarity protection: None,
Output anti-anti-perfusion: no, for charging the battery needs additional two diodes!
Connection: Terminals

Package included:

3 x DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module