3Pcs DIY Inverter Boost High Pressure Generator Arc Ignition Lighter Coil Module


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Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assmble it, easy to install, no instruction supply.


High school science experiments, electronic equipment, negative ion generator, small scientific production. 
This circuit produces a stable high-frequency arc work, the temperature is very high, can easily ignite combustible material, it was called a plasma lighter
10KV transformer outer dimensions is about: 20 x 17 x 16mm
Input voltage: DC 3.7V-7.2V (limit 8.4v, but is easy to damage so not recommended)
Input current: <1.5A
Output voltage: about 20KV (please pay attention to safety when using)
Output current: ≤ 0.5A
High voltage pole ignition distance: ≤ 0.8 cm
For reliable long term continuous work, it is recommended to use insulating wax or epoxy resin to completely seal the transformer. If it is not sealed, the transformer will work under no-load in air for insufficient breakdown strength of the coil. Work prohibited no-load!
Package includes:

3 x DIY Inverter Boost High Pressure Generator Kit

Name Quantity
1W 47ohm resistance 1
FR107 Fast recovery diode 1
M3*6 Fixed screw 1
Special NPN transistor 1
Transformer 1
T-220 Insulation film 1
15cm Line 1
Simple discharge needle (For test only) 1
Aluminum heat sink 1