3Pcs Electronic Dice DIY Kit 5mm Red LED Interesting Parts NE555 CD4017 Electronic Production Suite


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Electronic dice kit is based on the NE555 oscillator circuit and fun circuit CD4017 counter display kit. Can simulate the dice, make fun of the game.


Supply voltage: 4.5-5V
Dimensions: 74 x 35mm
Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it.
Quantity: 3 set


When a power-up, 7 LED will randomly display a number of points, players press the switch S1,7 all lit LED only after about 7 seconds LED light starts blinking, until finally showed stable points. Throughout the end of the first "crap" process.


Circuit mainly by the pulse generator and a decade counter circuit. Pulse generator and external elements by NE555 multivibrator, when you press the button S1 when Q1 turns on, the output pulse NE555 3 feet, then five turns the output CD4017 output high, resistors and transistors by different combination, can drive seven LED light to indicate the number of points 1-6 points.

Circuit diagram: