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This product uses the pyroelectric infrared sensors to detect, can be monitored within 8-15 meter range, when person or animal is moving, it will automatically detect and issued 90 db alarm high-intensity sound to scare the intruder or provoke the security police.
Suitable for families, warehouses, shops, sheds and other security places.
Without any external connections, compact portable design, can be placed anywhere.
This kit uses 4*AAA battery, suitable for electronics enthusiasts and vocational school students to practice professional electronic assembly.
The package does not contain a battery.


The probe should not be face to outdoor avoid false alarms caused by idlers move
Probe should away from cold or heat source, such as air conditioning vent, heating, air conditioners, stoves, etc.
Installation should avoid sunlight and car lights direct shot the probe
Mounted on a corner or wall, recommend installation height is 1.5 to 3 meters off the ground, to prevent small animals false positives


We don't supply any manuals, only has schematic, please note this before you buy it, sorry for all the inconvenience.

Package included:

3 x Infrared Electronic Alarm Kit