3Pcs Inverter Boost High Voltage Generator 15KV High Frequency Transformer


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School science experiment, electronic equipment, negative ion generator, small scientific production and so on. 
This circuit works to produce a stable high-frequency arc, the temperature is extremely high, can easily ignite the combustible, so it was called a plasma lighter.


This transformer high voltage winding in the inner layer, is the segment skeleton wound, low voltage winding in the outer layer, please do not mistaken for this transformer is high voltage winding and low voltage winding the same way.
The transformer has two primary winding, one of the main group is coarse copper wire, a group of fine copper wire for the feedback winding. The secondary output is high voltage.
Transformers in a coarse and a thin winding together two copper wire is positive, respectively, the main winding tail and feedback winding head, connect the power supply positive.
Before soldering the transformer, the soldering part of the enameled wire head of the paint need to gently scraping with blade and then soldering, please note.
Precautions for product use:
1. After the successful production, the transformer must be sealed with epoxy resin or insulating wax to be used for a long time. The air-borne work in the air will cause the coil to break through damage due to the lack of air insulation.
2. The input voltage of the kit is 3.7v. That is, a section 18650 battery voltage, if you need to increase the input voltage (maximum increase to 12V), you need to increase the feedback resistor resistance (we default send 120 ohm), otherwise the transistor is easy to burn. Feedback resistance increased to 150Ω ~ 1.5KΩ or so, the resistance should be adjusted from large to small, do not too small, otherwise will burn transistor or transformer, and should not be too large, too much will impact the output or make the transistor work in the non-switch state to make the fever is serious hot.
 transformer design for the 15KV maximum output, which is 1.5 cm arc, the higher the output voltage is likely to damage the transformer. For reliable long-term continuous work, it is recommended to use insulating wax or epoxy resin to completely seal it, prohibit no-load working when no sealed.
Input voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Current: <= 2A
Output voltage: < 15KV
Output current: < 0.4A
High pressure two-stage ignition distance: <= 0.5 cm
Size is about: 27 x 16 x 21mm (Manual measurement, please understand the error)
Package includes:
3 x High Voltage Generator Kit

Schematic diagram:

In order to prevent the output 2-line distance too far, resulting in no-load, you can solder a pin in the output, and put the end of the needle into the arc, is conducive to the discharge arc, lik the following show:

After the success of the production, if the output terminal connected to a high-voltage capacitor and three high voltage rectifier composed of voltage doubling circuit, can produce DC high voltage, can produce anion generator, the wiring diagram is as follows: