3Pcs Speaker Module Power Amplifier Music Player Module Electronic Building Blocks For Arduino


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Onboard power amplifier chip, multiple filter capacitor, to ensure that the audio output is not distorted
You can fine-tune the output volume through the potentiometer (because of space constraints, can not use the index potentiometer, the volume can only be adjusted in a small range)
With Arduino Tone function, you can easily play music
It can also be used for audio equipment external active amplifier
The speaker fixed in the box, the sound quality is better
Suitable for Arduino play music, a variety of audio equipment, such as external power amplifier
Size: 34 x 21mm
Fixed hole: 3mm
Pitch: 15mm
Speaker power: 0.5W / 8Ω
Speaker diameter: 50mm
Amplifier chip: LM386
Voltage: 5V
Port: Digital
Platform: Arduino, single chip
Package includes:
3 x Power Amplifier Music Player Module