3Pcs Superheterodyne 3400 Wireless Receiver Module With 433RF Transmitter Board


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With internal VCO and PLL circuits, frequency stability, high sensitivity, anti-interference ability.
Widely used in wireless data transmission wireless remote control and so on.

Superheterodyne 3400 wireless receiver module Scope:

1, The wireless access control system
2, Various types of anti-theft system
3, Industrial remote control, telemetry, remote sensing
4, Low baud rate data transmission
5, Other harsh environments of wireless remote control


1. Working voltage: 5.0VDC ± 0.5V
2. Operating current: ≤2.5mA (5.0VDC)
3. How it works: Superheterodyne (VCO, PLL)
4. Working way: OOK / ASK
5. Operating frequency:  433.92MHz
6. Working temperature: -40 to + 80 degrees
7. Sensitivity: Better than -110dBm (50Ω)
8. Rate: <9.6Kbps
9. Output signal: TTL level transparent transmission
10. The antenna length: 24m (433.92MHz)

Package includes:

3 x Superheterodyne 3400 wireless receiver module
3 x 433RF wireless transmitter module