3Pcs Wemos X-8266 ESP-WROOM-02 Development Board D1 Mini Nodemcu WiFi Internet Of Things



X-Project is a series of projects with the same size and pin distribution. Suitable for beginners to learn things networking. 
X series is currently X-8266 and X-32s as the master, contains a series of sensors and adapter board, X series of most of the sensors can be connected through the adapter to the need to connect the control board pin distribution. This avoids most of the sensor sharing the same pin of trouble, but also makes ESP8266 and ESP32 can be a variety of sensors and free combination, to facilitate the development of the project. 
X-8266 is the X-project main control board, is also a mini version of the NodeMCU. 
Preserves the NodeMU automatic burning program and Deep Sleep's two functions, while reducing the size. 
The size of the X-8266 is the same as the size of a 1.3-inch OLED. 
Can be hidden behind X-OLED control. 


1. Compatible with Arduino and NodeMCU. You can choose the FOR Arduino IDE or use the LUA language under ESPlorer 
2. 35X27mm slightly larger than the coin size 
3. 10 digital pins support read / write / interrupt / IIC / single line control 
4. 1 AD inputs 
5. Micro USB input 

Package included: 

3 X Wemos® X-8266 ESP-WROOM-02 Development Board
12 x normal pin
18 x female header