3V 5V Low Control High Voltage 12V 24V 36V MOS Field Effect Transistor Module Electronic Switch Module


Functional Description:
MOS FET electronic switch module, you can use low-voltage and small current to control high-power equipment, motors, light bulbs, high-power LED.
For example: you want a device output 5V signal, control a 12V motor switch. This module can be achieved.
Input control voltage 3.3V-12V
Output control voltage: 5-36V
Board using optocoupler isolation, 2-terminal voltage completely separate.
Input control using 2 pins to control, one connect ground one connect control to direct control the switch.
Control current: 1-5MA control voltage is different, the current difference is mainly the loss in the LED.
Charged current: 0-22A, if greater than 5A need to add heat sink.
Board comes with LED indicator
Controlled input and output with screw terminal block
2.54MM pin control terminal, is easy wiring.
Control can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO. You can use the microcontroller ARDUINO PWM motor speed control, lamp brightness and so on. High current attention to add heat sink.
Board size: 4 x 3 cm
Package includes:
1 x MOS Field Effect Transistor Module