3x420Pcs Dupont Wire Jumper Pin Header Connector Housing Kit Male Crimp Pins+Female Pin Connector


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This kit comes with the most common dupont pin housings in addition to male and female crimp pins in a high quality case!
These work great with all your typical Arduino and breadboard style pin connectors and sockets.


Wire Gauge: 18-26AWG
Pin Spacing: 2.54mm (0.1")
Rated voltage:250V
Rated current: 3A
Working temperature: 25 degrees to + 85 degrees.

A set (420pcs) included:

50x 1x1P
40x 1x2P
20x 1x3P
20x 1x4P
20x 1x5P
20x 1x6P
10x 2x2P
10x 2x3P
10x 2x4P
10x 2x5P
10x 2x6P
100x Male Crimp Pins
100x Female Crimp Pins

Package Included:

3 x 420pcs Dupont Wire Jumper Pin Header Connector Housing Kit and M/F Crimp Pins