4.2W 18V Fiber Glass Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel With Crocodile Clamp


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-4.2W 18V 200x130x2mm fiberglass panels polycrystalline solar panel with a crocodile clamp
-High conversion rate, high efficiency output.
-Excellent low-light effect, unique technology allows components beautiful and strong anti-snow, easy to install.
-Within the framework of specific technical avoid water freezing and deformation.
-Suitable for solar garden lighting, solar street lighting, solar outdoor advertising.
-For a variety of low-power appliances, emergency lights Yeah, advertising lights, traffic lights, household lights, fans, such as solar water pumps, solar lights, small solar systems.


Size: Approx. 200x130x2mm /7.87"x5.11"x0.078"
Operating voltage: 18V
Operating Current: 0-230mA
Open circuit voltage: 19.2V
Short-circuit voltage: 250MA
Power: 4.2W
Weight: 116g

Package Include:

1x 4.2W 18V solar panel