490mm LED Backlight Strip Kit Update 22 Inch CCFL LCD Screen To LED Monitor


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Material: Fiberglass panels
Driver board size: 7x2cm
Input: DC 10-30V
LED strip size: 490x4mm


This backlight strip is perfectly design for screen, high brightness, environmental protection and energy saving.
LED particles closely, high-density arrangement ,import highlight LED strips.
Long service life, with lifetime of 100000 hours.
Easy to install, use double-sided adhesive can be attached to the display original LCD groove, or elsewhere.


If your monitor is using a inverter, then this kit replace the inveter to plug into the driver board ;
If your monitor is a high-voltage integrated power supply board, then: the board energized, find 12V (capacitance), and then unplug the power supply,
use a multimeter to find and 12V (capacitance) Disconnect original connecting
the negative terminal, the board received three line: 12V, ON, GND, the 12v of the inverter connect with 12v positive
electrode of hign-voltage intergrated power supply board,GND is connected with the negative electrode, ON connect with the ON / OFF.
In simple terms, tThe original high voltage power supply is disconnected,instead of the inverter,
In the original high-pressure front to take power

Pin description:

VIN: voltage
ENA: on/off
DIM: ADJ adjust brightness
GND: connecting Ground

Package includes:

2 x LED strip
1 x Driver board
1 x cable