4S 14.8V 8A Li-ion Lithium Single 18650 Battery PCB Protection Board With Balance Function


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Charging voltage: DC 18V CC/CV
Standby current for single cell:≤8 uA
Maximum continous output curent: 8 A
Over charge voltage test: 4.35V±0.025V
Time delay on over charge protection: 0.5 S~1.5 S
Resume(over charge): 0~0.2V
Over discharge voltage test: 2.7V±0.080V
Time delay on over discharge protection: 50~150 mS
Resume(over discharge): 0.2~0.7V
Over current,voltage test: 200±25mV
Over current,current test: 28A±1A
Time delay on over current: 5 mS~15 mS
Resume after over current: Self recovery
Short circuit Protection: External
Time delay on short circuit: 200~500 uS
Respond time for short circuit: Self recovery
Internal resistance of protection circuit(MOSPET): ≤8mΩ
Operating temperature:-40 ~+50℃
Storage temperature:-40 ~+125℃
Size(L*W*H):50 x 21 x 2.8 mm


1.3 period of over-current detection.
2.Wide working temperature range and low current consumption.
3.For each section of the battery voltage detection with high precision.
4.Through the MOS tube can control the battery charging and discharging.
5.This Lithium ion battery protection PCB protect single Lithium ion batteries. 8A continous current.
6.Lithium ion protection is necessary, as Lithium ion will explode when they are shorted circuit or overcharged, and damaged when they are over discharged.


B+ —— TO +ve of the 1st battery
B1 —— TO -ve of the 1st battery and +ve of the 2nd battery
B2 —— TO -ve of the 2nd battery and +ve of the 3rd battery
B3 —— TO -ve of the 3rd battery and +ve of the 4th battery
B- —— TO -ve of the 4th battery
P+ —— TO +ve of load/input
P- —— TO -ve of load/input

Package included:

1 x Protection Board