4S 4.2V Li-ion Balance Board Battery Balncing Full Charge Module Integrated Circuit


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The balance board is suitable for  the li-ion battery pack BMS WHICH without  balance function,
so as to  equalizing charge lithium battery charge function, make the battery pack each series charge at the same time.
Note:The balancing board must need BMS to use together,and the BMS is without balancing function
Balance voltage for each single cell: 4.2V
Balance current for each single cell: 66mA
Size: 25mm x 20mm (L x W)
Balancer is just a Auxiliary function, the balancing means when the battery charging, each series battery needs the same voltage. When ONE cell voltage get 4.2V , the other cells not, the first cell voltage will discharge to wait the other cells rising to the same level.
Battery internal resistance differences within 5 milliohm, voltage within 0.03 V voltage, capacity vary within 50 ma, cut-off  voltage is according to the BMS setting.
The balancer starts balancing when the one cell get 4.2V, the cut-off  voltage is according to the BMS setting, but the bms cut-off voltage needs more than 4.25V which is much better.
4S  Cnnection instruction:
B4+    Connect battery positive;
B3+    Connect the point between battery 1 and battery 2
B2+    Connect the point between battery 2 and battery 3
B1+    Connect the point between battery 3 and battery 4
B-       Connect battery negative
Package includes:
1 x Balance Board

Wiring, the battery and cables does not includes.