4WD Arduino Mobile Platform Smart Robot Car Kit Support DFRduino UNO R3/ Mega2560 Romeo for Arduino


Assembly manual for your reference. Please click here to download.


1. Compatible with Arduino Controller Installation, integrates a common L298P motor driver chip
2. Dual 6-12V DC motor drive, up to 2A drive current.
3. Integrated 2 way DC motor driver and Xbee & APC220  Wireless Data Transmission Modules, without the need for an additional motor driver or wireless shield. 
4. Double-side leaf pads solder prototyping areas in the middle can be soldered with DIP components or SMD components to extend addition function. 
5. Standard servo mounting hole, allowing to easily connect a 9g micro servo or a standard sized servo in two different locations, so that you can install robotic arm or ultrasonic/IR sensors. 
6. White LED lights around the car body
7. Chassis height 42mm, coupled with a wide-diameter 65mm wide wheel and four-wheel drive system, can adapt to most of the complex terrain
8. The two-story car body is made of thick PCB plate and gold sinking technology, which not only improves the stability of the platform but also mixes and matches the gold hole board and the black, making it more high-end atmosphere.


– Recommended controller: DFRduino UNO R3/Romeo V1/Romeo V2
– Size(Assembled): about 225mm*174mm*112mm

– Controller Operating Voltage: 5V
– Controller Input Voltage (recommended): 7 – 12V 
– Ultrasonic Sensor Detecting range: 4cm-3m (3-5m is possible, but depending on situations)
– Rotation range: 0 – 180
– Maximum Load: 500g
– Package weight: about 1kg
– TT Geared Motor with Back Shaft (180rpm 6v L Shape)
Motor parameters
– Speed ratio: 1:120
– No load speed (3V): 100RPM
– No load speed (6V): 200RPM
– No load current (3V): 60mA
– No load current (6V): 71mA
– Stall current (3V): 260mA
– Stall current (6V): 470mA
– Torque (3V): 1.2kgcm
– Torque (6V): 1.92kgcm
* There is not included controller board.


Package Included:

1 x 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform Smart Robot Car Kit