4WD Bluetooth Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit with N20 Gear Motor for Arduino


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The kit is remote control smart car kit that is designed for Arduino development. 
When you get the parts, you can assemble the car by yourself.
The kit can help you learn Arduino programming and learn how to make interesting projects, such as ultrasonic distance measurement and display, Bluetooth remote control smart car.
– Rubber tires: beautiful and wearable
– Using the N20 geared motors, small, large torque, long service life
– N20 motor has been soldered wires, easy to use
– The car chassis has been soldered regulator circuit and motor drive module can be directly connected to motors.
– Car chassis can install Arduino UNO R3 and compatible motherboard, Digispark Motherboard
– You can install the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor.
– You can install Bluetooth wireless transceiver modules, etc.
– It is suitable for the DIY smart car project.


About the wheels:

– Tire color: black
– Tire diameter: 47mm
– Tire width: 12mm
– Inner diameter: 3mm (motor with D-axis and 3mm shaft diameter, such as N20 motor)

About the motor:

– Operating voltage: 3V-9VDC
– No-load speed: 75 rpm @ 3V, 150 rpm @ 6V
– No-load current: 20mA@3V, 30mA@6V
– Reduction ratio: 1:100
– Shaft diameter: D type 3mm
– Shaft length: 10mm
– Rated torque: 0.35kg.cm
– Locked torque: 2.4kg.cm
– Length: 15cm

Package Included:

1 x 4WD Smart Robot Car Kit