50W+50W TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amplifier Board Official Version


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50W+50W TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amplifier Board Official Version


This product uses TI's chip TPA3116


PCB using 1.6MMFR4 wave fiber sheet.
2 ounces of copper platinum thickness, HASL whole process to ensure that the size of the current through the good performance.
Signal coupling using ruby electrolytic capacitor connected to Siemens of Germany and better performance capacitor combination.
Taiwan copper resistance using high-precision 1% resistors feet, ensure the machine a good signal to noise ratio.
Nikon's main filter capacitor capacitance electrolytic 1000UF25V × 2, ensure strong support for a steady stream of power, more importantly, safe and durable enough pressure.
Using fully shielded high-current inductors 12127, ensuring crisp and powerful sound.
Supply voltage: DC12 to 26V
Supply Current: 4.5A to 7.5A
Standby power consumption: 20 to 45mA
Audio signal input: A LOW -0.3to6.3V
Output power: DC12V 4Ω 25W + 25W
                           DC21V 4Ω 50W + 50W
Operating frequency: 20Hz to 20KHz
Working environment: -40 to 85 ° C

Package included:

1 x 50W+50W TPA3116D2 Digital Power Amplifier Board